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Roadrunner Technical Services

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Repairs and Upgrades

Onsite repair at cost of $80/hr

Hard drive failure, Upgrades, Screen Replacements and many more basic repair services we provide.

Having strange issues

Tune-up at cost of $40-$60

Takes 3-4 hours depending on speed of computer.  Thorough updating and cleaning.  Includes malware scans.

Virus and Malware

Ranging from $60-$100

Depending on the severity of the damage caused.  Usually takes 3-4 hours and a security check and tune-up is included.

Bring an older computer back to life!! Have your hard drive replaced with the new SSD hard drives that can increase the loading times by up to 10X.  Make your computer fast again!

Want to upgrade or downgrade your operating system?  No need to buy a new machine every time a new OS comes out.  We can take care of upgrade and data transfer.

With so many devices in the home, your home network has never been so important (smart tv, internet, mobile etc).  We can come and help you connect all your devices.

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